Durham Green….. Blaine, MN…Updated 9/13 AM

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Thursday, Sept 13th:

Morning Devonwood!  With the recent completion of the wood replacement of Building #3, we will be back next week to start painting the trim on that building.

Jesse will be out today to pressure wash the trim and get it ready for painting next week.

The full crew plans on being out there on Monday morning and the project should take us most of the week to complete.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Monday, August 13th: 

The crew and I were excited to get going on the project today!  Thanks to all the homeowners who have taken time to schedule an alternate time to paint their front doors.  This really helps us out immensely and ensures the association will look it’s best for years to come.

It was an incredible day of weather today and the crew began prepping many of the frames for paint.

The prep work  consists of scraping, caulking and priming.  Some frames are peeling badly and the painters are spending a great deal of time prepping to ensure the wood does not decompose.

Here are some actions shots from today’s progress:

Applying specialty primer to fypon surrounds

Another action shot of crew member priming the entry surrounds

Fernando caulking the garage service door frames

Prepping the utility door frames

Friday, August 3rd: 

We posted notices today for the upcoming painting project starting on August 13th!  If you are here to schedule a time to paint your front door, please see below:

Door Schedules

There are three appointments available for each hour time slot on Saturday August 18th & Saturday, August 25th.  If you would like a specific time: Leave your name, address, a contact phone #, e-mail and time to be painted.

For example:   John Smith, 11301 Unit X, 000-000-0000, August 18th @ 9 am

We will update the blog daily to ensure available time slots are current.  First come, first served with all blog comments taking priority over phone calls.

Current Schedule

August 18th: (11301, 11307, 11316, 11323, 11330, 11343, 11351, 11358, 11365, 11372, 11379, 11385 only)

9 am: 11323 Chisholm Circle Unit B, 11343 Chisholm CircleUnit B

One Appointment remains

10 am: 11379 Chisholm Circle Unit B, 11379 Chisholm Circle Unit D,

One appointment remains

11 am : 11323 Chisholm Cirle Unit A, 11323 Chisholm Circle Unit D

One appointment remains

12 pm: Three appointments available

1 pm: Three appointments available

2 pm: Three appointments available

3 pm: Three appointments available

August 25th:  (11304, 11313, 11322, 11331, 11340, 11350, 11357, 11364, 11368, 11371, 11378, 11384)

9 am:  11331 Aberdeen circle unit C, 11378 Aberdeen Cir NE Unit B, 11313 Aberdeen Unit E

NO appointments available

10 am:  11350 Aberdeen Circle Unit F, 11330 Chisholm Cr Unit A, 11384 Aberdeen Unit B,

NO appointment available

11 am: 11340 Aberdeen Circle Unit C, 11365 Chisholm Circle Unit F

One appointment remains

12 pm: 11384 Aberdeen Circle Unit C, 11371 Aberdeen Circle NE
unit F

One appointment remains

1 pm:  11322 Aberdeen Circle N Unit D,

Two appointments remain

2 pm: Three appointments available

3 pm: 11357 Aberdeen, Unit C

Two appointments remain

Job Contact Info:

Jesse Maki, Job Supervisor

Jesse Maki

E-mail: Jesse@Roellpainting.com (preferred method of contact)

Cell: 612-363-4586

Nick Roell, Owner of company

Email: Nick@roellpainting.com

Office: 763-559-5296

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22 Responses to Durham Green….. Blaine, MN…Updated 9/13 AM

  1. Ken Herzing says:

    My address: 11340 Aberdeen Circle NE, Unit C, Blaine, MN
    Phone: 763 784 6883
    Home all day, usually
    Have a conflict with the scheduled painting date of 8/21/2012. Any other day is OK, as is the make up day of 8/25/2012.
    Thank You

  2. susan prois says:

    susan prois
    11331 Aberdeen circle
    unit C
    blaine mn 55449
    9am Saturday aug 25th

  3. Mari Krahn says:

    11384 Aberdeen Circle Unit C
    I will not be available Mon August 20th but would be available on Saturday August 25th at any time. Let me know what works for you. Thank you!

  4. vicki czerwinski says:

    11304 aberdeen cir unit c
    I am scheduled for Wed Aug 22 but I need to work in the morning, I will be home by 11:30am. Will that be okay?

  5. Nick Curtis says:

    Hello Jesse,

    We live in 11323 B Chisholm Circle NE, Blaine and we are scheduled to have our doors painted on August 15th. We would prefer to have it painted on Saturday August 18th. We would appreciate our house be done first thing in the morning. Thanks much for the consideration!!

  6. Michele Tanner says:

    My addresss is 11351 Chisholm Cir NE Unit B my # is 612-508-0500. I will not be home on Thurs Aug 16 but can be home for the reschedule on Sat. Aug 18. Please let me know if that will work and what time.

    Thank you!

  7. Marlissa Johnson says:

    I will be out of the state August 10-19 and will miss both my scheduled day (August 16) and the make up day (August 18). My address is 11330 Chisholm Cr. Unit A. If it is possible to paint my door on the Saturday, August 25th make up day, I would be available. Thanks!

  8. Michele Tanner says:

    Sorry I put the wrong address down. Its been a stressful weekend my dad’s been in the hospital I haven’t had a lot of sleep. Its 11379 Chisholm Cir NE Unit B. Not 11351 You have me down for Aug 18th at 10am so if I can still keep that spot just change the address.

    Michele Tanner

  9. Melissa Goodman says:

    Melissa Goodman
    11378 Aberdeen Cir NE Unit B

    I would like to schedule for Saturday August 25 for the makeup day. I will make sure someone is available all day.

    Thank you,

    Melissa Goodman

  10. Obiajulu says:

    I am available on Saturday August 18 at 11am for painting (not 15th). Thank you.
    11323 unit D

  11. Brad Hunt says:

    We would like to reschedule for Aug. 25th.
    Brad and Kristina Hunt
    11384 Aberdeen Circle
    Unit B
    Blaine, MN 55449
    We will be home from 8am-4pm on Aug. 25th.

    Brad and Kristina Hunt

  12. Kellie Medeiros says:

    I need to make an appt for the makeup date of August 25th.

    Kellie Medeiros
    11313 Aberdeen Circle NE Unit E

  13. Dale Hanstad says:

    My name is Dale Hanstad I live at 11323A Chisholm Circle N.E. I can be reached at 763-350-0504 the scheduled date(8/13/12) will not work for us, if we could change it to 8/18/12 the 11:00 am appt. that would be better. Thank You
    Dale Hanstad

  14. Dale Hanstad says:

    I stated the wrong original paint day it was 8/15/12 not 8/13/12 Thank You
    Dale Hanstad

  15. Molly Bighley says:

    11379 Chisholm Cir NE, #D

    10:00 am appt on Saturday, August 18th.
    thanks much

  16. Tony Braasch says:


    11365 Chisholm Cir NE Unit F

    If I could reschedule for Saturday August 25th at 11am or any time before 2 that would be wonderful.

    Thank you!


  17. Clint Whisler says:

    Clint Whisler
    11343 Chisholm cir me unit b

    We will be home Saturday the 18th all day. But painting at 9a.m. would work best. Thanks.

  18. mohamed omar says:

    we are gonna be available @ 3 pm on Friday Aug.17. Cell phone #:6124819470.the adress is:11323 chisholm cir.NE unit c.,blaine,mn 55449

  19. Brandon Treanor says:

    I need to make an appt for the makeup date of August 25th.

    Brandon Treanor
    11357 Aberdeen Cir NE Unit C

  20. carole kleve says:

    11371 Aberdeen Circle NE
    unit F
    763 434 9521
    11a or 12p

  21. A. Charpenter says:

    Make up schedule
    11322 Aberdeen Circle NE #D, August 25th @ 1:00 pm please

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